Dream Job Review

Dream of Becoming an Actor or Actress?

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Is Your Dream Job to Become An Actor?

This Review Can Help You Get Started Toward Your Dream of Becoming an Actor or Actress

What Does an Actor Do?

If your dream job is to become an actor, you’ll use your talents to portray characters in various productions. These include: movies, television, commercials, plays, musicals, or traveling productions as well. There are many venues which require skilled actors.

Why is it a Dream Job?

Becoming an actor was chosen as a dream job because it gives you a chance for fame, riches, exotic travel, and meeting many different types of people.

How Do I Get Started As An Actor?

When you’re just getting started in acting, you need to get some experience to start building your resume. There are lots of opportunities around you in your local community theater, churches and school theaters. Theater training and stage acting is a superb way to gain credibility.

If you wanna be the top banana…Audition anytime you have the chance. As you become involved with more groups, opportunities for work will reveal themselves.

If your dream job is to become an actor, make sure you know some basic blocking or stage directions before you audition. Blocking is the plan for where the actors move around the stage during a performance. If you don’t know what the directors are saying when they tell you to move to upstage right, they may just tell you to exit stage left.

Familiarize yourself with popular Broadway productions and classic plays. Read Shakespeare, Death of a Salesman, and The Lion in Winter and other productions. The more of them you know the better. If becoming an actor is truly your dream, the more intimate your knowledge of productions, the more qualified you will appear to casting directors. Especially if you have a natural rapport with the characters and their circumstances.

If your dream job is to become an actor in a big budget Hollywood movie, you will most likely need to live there. Having some experience behind you will increase your chances at landing a bigger role when you get to that point. So, try out for everything you can in your area and get some local recognition that you can build upon.

Most places have a local community theater. Many churches put on performances each year and High schools usually put on a plays or a musicals.
These groups are great resources for finding acting classes, workshops and even auditions.

Even if you don’t get the part as an actor, you could work behind scenes. Working on the  production side of the show can give you valuable insight and experience, which will only make you a better for future roles.

Go to a professional photographer.  If your serious about pursuing your dream job to become an actor, have a head shot and a three quarters shot made for your portfolio.  It should only cost about $100 or so, and that’s all you need when you’re getting started. If you skip this part,  it might be harder for you to be “discovered”.

When you get to a certain point in your acting career, you will want to consider getting an agent. An agent may need more photos of you, but make sure you choose your own photographer. If the agent tells you that you need to go to a certain photographer, find a different agent, and make sure the agent is listed with the Screen Actor Guild.

We hope this review was Helpful and gives some new insight on becoming an actor.

May your best dreams come true,

Dream Job Review

Remember, If you have anything to add that you feel would help others who have a dream of becoming an actor, we encourage you offer comments and suggestions.

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